The Dos and Don’ts While Planning a Destination Wedding in Cancun

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Cancun holidays not only give you the opportunity to visit and see one of the best tourist attractions in Mexico, but also offer very unique and luxurious party destinations where you can organise a destination wedding or honeymoon. Even though Cancun is one of the world's most stunning places for a destination wedding, you still need to be very careful during the planning process.

The following are some of the dos and don'ts that you should take into consideration:

The Dos

1. Look for a Good Wedding Planner
There are a number of wedding planners in Mexico who can guide and help you through the paperwork, government details, and even bookings. Look for an experienced wedding planner who specialises in organising weddings locally "“ internet makes it easy to find reviews for each planner. And if Spanish isn't your forte, there are plenty bilingual agencies that will make everything easier, from planning, to vow and reception.

2. Pick a Unique Wedding Location
Cancun is one of the busiest and most vibrant cities in Mexico, offering countless spectacular wedding venues including resorts, hotels, churches, and beaches. In order to have a very interesting and successful wedding, always pick a unique, convenient place that interests you as a couple. If you want to make your Mexican wedding even more unforgettable, why not start your new life together on a catamaran then, or in a Mayan cenote? Such fabulous options are all available from local wedding planners.

3. Send out Early Invitations
Send wedding invitations to your friends, family, and relatives early enough, at least 4 to 5 months earlier. This is to give them ample time to organise themselves adequately, take time off work and make early bookings.

4. Consider the Weather and Period
You needn't worry too much about the cold "“ Cancun temperatures are at least in the mid-twenties all year round. In Cancun's tropical climate, it's just the rain that you'll want to avoid. The drier period in the area is from February to May, something that makes them the best months to embark on one of many flights to Mexico available from London and Birmingham. Remember that the weather will also determine the type of hairstyle, shoes and dress fabric to be worn by the bride and the bridesmaids: always do enough research to have a reasonable expectation of how the weather is likely to be on your wedding day.

The Dont’s

1. Do Not Overdo the Decorations
One of the main advantages of wedding venues in Cancun is that they possess natural beauty and do not need extra beautification. If you really need to add decorations to your locale, then you should try to be very moderate.

2. Do Not worry About who Attends and Who Doesn't
While making your wedding preparations, do not worry yourself whether people will show up or not. You cannot control how people make their travel arrangements or schedules. The most important thing you should know is that the people who care about you will definitely be by your side on the big day of your life. Moreover, due to the fun and thrill, you will be so caught up in the moment such that you won't even find time to think about those who didn't make it to your wedding.

3. Do Not Skimp on Photography
Photos will provide you with wonderful memories of the big day. You will always look at them and remember how wonderful your Cancun wedding was and how much fun you had with your friends, family and relatives. Therefore, you should include photography in your budget so as not to regret not having things to remind you of your happiest day.

The Dos and Don’ts While Planning a Destination Wedding in Cancun