Green Mosque

Bursa, Turkey, was a surprise. I found plenty to do, including a bustling bazaar, impressive history and a charming, safe city about hour and a half outside of Istanbul. For those who visit Bursa — especially if one is on a tour — The Green Mosque (or in Turkish known as YeÅŸil Cami) and the Green Tomb is a must-stop destination.

Sadly, I discovered when standing in front of the Green Mosque was closed to the public for renovations. While I was bummed and spent my lunch eating baklava in front of the Green Tomb, I bumped into one of the artisans working on the restoration. After a brief exchange, I slipped in for a brief preview, sans shoes, of some the beautiful work to the updated mosque, which was built around 1420. These photos were taken off-the-record for ITKT readers only. I know it is only a few shots, but it obvious, the Green Mosque will remain an inspiring attraction in Bursa, Turkey. In a word, beautiful.

I left the tile artist’s record off this article, just in case he might get in trouble.