At last the time has come for the long awaited visit of the Three Kings from the Orient. Boys and girls across the Valencian Community, be on the look out. You won't want to miss the merry parade!

In the city of Alcoy, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will make their triumphant entry in the afternoon on January 5th. They will be accompanied by a fantastic procession that will march along the main streets of this city in Alicante, bearing toys and gifts for all the children.

The earliest references to the celebration in Alcoy of the Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men occurs in 1885. Since then, the city center streets have experienced the magic of this parade, in which children, asking for gifts, deposit their letters in donkey saddlebags and are lifted up in order to kiss their majesties riding on the backs of their camels. The parade begins at 6 p.m., starting at the Camí and traversing the main streets of the city. One of the main points along the route is the Plaza de España, where the Three Kings will pay tribute to the child Jesus.

Meanwhile, hundreds of pages will be climbing up ladders to apartment balconies where they will deposit in each flat the toys that the children living there requested.

Owing in large part to the magical and pleasant effect of the Oriental music and the torches illuminating the streets, along with the old tradition and the enormous popularity of the parade, it has been declared a National Tourism Festivity of Interest.

In addition, the Three Wise Men will bear their gifts and joy to many other places. Don't stop coming to see them!

Courtesy of the City of Valencia Newsletter