Here is the complete list of the "Pueblos Magicos" that Mexico is banking on attracting a new level of tourism. Visitors can expect the “Pueblos Magicos” or magical towns of Mexico are charming, near to large cities or major tourist attractions. This list is in no particular order. For more read the story Making Magic for more.

1. San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas
2. Parras de la Fuente in Coahuila
3. Comala in Colima
4. Dolores Hidalgo in Guanuajuat
5. San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato
6. Taxco in Guerrero
7. Real del Monte in Hidalgo
8. Huasca de Ocampo in Hidalgo
9. Mazamitla in Jalisco
10. Tapalpa in Jalisco
11. Tequila en Jalisco
12. Tepotzotlán in Mexico State
13. Valle de Bravo in the State of México
14. Pátzcuaro in Michoacán
15. Tlalpujahua in Michoacán
16. Tepoztlán in Morelos
17. Mexcaltitán in Nayarit
18. Cuetzalan in Puebla
19. Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosí
20. Izamal in Yucatán
21. Cosalá in Sinaloa
22. Alamos in Sonora
23. Bernal Queretaro