MANZANILLO, Mexico (October 16, 2006) – There’s a reason Tesoro Resorts has opened the first three properties of its growing enterprise in the breathtaking areas of Ixtapa, Manzanillo and Los Cabos and it can be summed up in three words: location, location, location!

While throngs of travelers flock to Mexico year round, those in search of off-the-beaten path adventure and a glimpse of the country’s traditional culture need look no further than the three treasures of Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

“We chose to develop properties outside of the major tourist zones because there is a breed of traveler emerging that is looking for a new perspective on Mexico,” explains Wayne Merritt, Tesoro Resorts’ vice president of operations. “Our goal with the Tesoro brand is to provide luxurious and affordable accommodations while our guests experience the essence of Mexican culture-something that’s difficult to do in the big tourist destinations.”

It’s true: Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and Cancun claim the title of most visited destinations in Mexico. But can Acapulco boast the combined luxury and simplicity of Ixtapa? Does the herd of tourists in Puerto Vallarta rival the flocks of birds at Manzanillo’s Laguna de Cuyutlán? Do the nightclubs of Cancun compare to the starry nights above Los Cabos’ sea of Cortez? A few days at any of Tesoro’s three outposts will convince travelers that the Tesoro alternative is the antidote to a typical Mexican vacation.

Tesoro Manzanillo, which has recently renovated two of its exceptional restaurants and added a brand new waterpark for kids, is a 331-room gem rising above historic La Audiencia cove. Just a stone’s throw from the Sierra Madre Mountains and positioned at the mouth of the best sailfishing in the world, Tesoro Manzanillo is the ideal launching point for all things celebrated in this bustling port town. Likewise, Tesoro Ixtapa’s gleaming 170-room hideaway is a gateway to Ixtapa’s natural and little-explored charms. The quaint fishing village of Zihuatanejo, the powdery beaches of Playa del Palmar and surfing at Petacalco Beach are just a few of the area’s highlights.

And finally, there’s Tesoro Los Cabos. Its boutique appeal and location right on the Cabo Marina make it the perfect base for exploring the very things that have made Cabo San Lucas the playground of the rich and famous. Recently renovated rooms with a minimalist Mexican flare and improved guest services render Tesoro Los Cabos “the place to unwind” after a day of championship golf, deep-sea fishing, swimming with dolphins, whale watching or touring the desert terrain on an ATV. A short drive away, San Jose del Cabo reveals Baja’s softer side, where small shops owned by local artisans and quiet tree-lined streets retain the allure of an era gone by.

The new resort chain, Tesoro Resorts, launched in 2006 with the purchase and rebranding of three all-inclusive Mexico properties in Los Cabos, Manzanillo and Ixtapa emphasizing extraordinary value, striking surroundings and ‘treasured moments’ with family, friends and loved ones. Steadfast Resorts International (SRI) is a privately owned resort management consortium headquartered in Newport Beach, California. For more information or reservations at Tesoro Resorts, visit

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