I would like to take this moment to thank some of the unsung heroes of travel. Their job can be thankless and whether it’s driving sick tourists to the doctor or negotiating prices for local goods an experienced tour guide can be invaluable. For many world travelers they are the ones most responsible for the quality of their experience, especially when there are large language and cultural barriers. If you’ve been on a tour, then you know that there are some people who will just never be happy no matter what lengths the tour guide goes to, and yet the tour guides always show remarkable patience and restraint. I have yet to meet the tour guide who wasn’t remarkably knowledgeable about their region and culture, and most of them have to study and work very hard to become licensed in their country. So on your next guided tour take a minute to appreciate your tour guide and always make sure to tip them generously.

Written and photographed by Jason Fitzpatrick

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