Let’s face it; in today’s crowded skies flying has become more of a necessity for vacation than stress-free fun. Arriving 2 hours before a flight, standing in numerous long lines to endure requests for documentation and inspection, buying your own food, throwing away your liquids, crowding into downsized seating, and that’s before you ever reach the sky. Add to that driving to the airport and parking, which if you want to catch the best flights usually occurs early in the morning, makes for an extremely long day.

Here’s a tip to help relieve a bit of that stress. Leave the night before your flight and stay at a hotel near the airport offering a ‘Park and Fly’ package. This option will get you a restful sleep the night before, breakfast in the morning, transfers both to and from the airport, and from ten to thirty days of parking. All of this is cheaper and more secure than the least expensive airport lot for a 10-day vacation. Just look in the ‘Travel’ section of your local newspaper or Google ‘park sleep fly’ and you’ll find many hotels offering this convenience.

Written by: Steve Smith and Christine Johnson

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