July 27, 2009 – For the third year in a row, the Vanuatu International Kitesurfing Classic will take place on Efate Island, home island of the capital town Port Vila. The VIKC this year will be held between the 11 – 16th of August, on Efate. In addition to the previously seen freestyle and the long distance categories, another two events will be introduced this year. Wave riding and Air Time. The first 4 days of the competition will be at Pango Village where the wave riding will be organized. And if the wind is off, Pango provides some very good surf breaks. During this time there will also be two long distance races along the pristine coastline between Pango and Mele Bay’s Hideaway Island Resort. As in previous years, the show than most of Port Vila will come to watch is the freestyle and air time competition on the final two days, the weekend of the 15-16 August.

Kite surfing competitions are all about lots of spectators and everyone having a good time all day long and into the night, so there will be the usual music concerts, barbecues, beach volleyball and rugby sevens competitions, vendors selling food and souvenirs, and more. The people of Efate have been progressively exposed to the spectacle of kite surfing over the last few years and they are some of the most excited spectators any kite surfer is likely to see. Sunshine, warm water, strong winds, smiling laughing faces…welcome to Vanuatu!

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