Manga is the ubiquitous Japanese comic book, covering a wide range of characters and stories in a flurry of color and action. Anime are the frenetic, occasionally hyperactive, renderings of manga on screen. Both art forms have recently been attracting a swelling international audience.

Tokyo has often served as the source of inspiration for the stories, visuals and backgrounds and Anime and manga fans can enjoy seeing the actual sites and cityscapes that global audiences find so compelling. And no anime / manga inspired tour of Tokyo should begin without first heading to the hub of Japanese pop culture: Akihabara.

Amongst the throngs decked out in costumes of their favourite characters, visitors can find a wide variety of shops selling new, used and rare collectibles, films and books, as well as those aforementioned costumes. There are even themed cafes and restaurants around too.

We recommend checking out Akihabara Ns Tokyo Anime Center. Visitors are welcomed free of charge. Keep up to date on the latest events at their website.

Below you will find some other must see locations for Anime fans!

Tokyo Character Street
Located in Tokyo Station Ns underground shopping area.

Nakano’s Broadway
Located west of Shinjuku, Nakano’s Broadway offers shops regularly featuring rare finds and vintage studio goods.

Suginami Animation Museum

TOEI Animation Gallery

Pokemon Center Tokyo (Pocket Monster)
Shopping and souvenir center

An important part of the spread of manga and anime has been through the endeavor of its most talented artists and producers. “Comiket”, or “Comic Market”, is the world’s largest handmade comic book fair, held twice a year in Tokyo.

As you can see, anime and manga fans taking a pop-culture tour of Tokyo will find the city to be a paradise of shops, souvenirs and sightseeing!

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