What better way to get under the surface of your travel destination than visiting a typical local
household? Cosy Finland is a company specialized in giving travellers a unique Finnish experience in the
form of visits to local homes, hosted by your everyday Finns.

Program features:

Cosy Finnish Evening: A visit to a Finnish home and a Cosy Home Dinner with the hosts "“ a chance for
visitors to learn about the Finnish way of life through a simple and relaxed evening with locals. The
dinner includes a salad or an appetizer, a main course and a dessert with coffee or tea, all prepared by
the hosts to their favorite recipes.

Optimal number of guests: 1-4 persons. Duration 3 hours, available all year round.

Cosy Gingerbread Evening: Bake with the Finns! Your hosts will show how to make Finnish Christmas
cookies. In addition to baking gingerbread cookies, the hosts offer a chance to taste "glögi", a warm
Finnish Christmas drink with a little something to go with it.

Optimal number of guests: 1-6 persons. Duration 3 hours, available October "“ December.

Cosy Finnish Sauna Evening: Experience a key element of Finnish life. The host will guide you through
local sauna habits and offer a chance to try out theirs. A light meal or coffee is served.

Optimal number of guests: 1-4 persons. Duration 3 hours, available all year round.

Customer feedback: My time with my hostess and her daughter was wonderful, and we certainly
enjoyed the long talk over the delicious dinner. I hope more visitors to Finland will be able to participate
in this fascinating programme! Kayo / Japan

The visit to the home was a very pleasant experience. Raija and Pertti were wonderful hosts. Raija
prepared delicious food for us, and both were very interesting discussion partners sharing several
common interests with me and my wife. I also enjoyed very much the sauna in their home. Eli / Australia

All the programs above are offered in and around Helsinki but selected other cities offer similar
programs as well. All programs are suitable for bigger groups, to be divided into smaller groups placed in
several homes.