His eyes are in the shade of massive brows. A ridged muzzle, small angular nostrils, and a round jaw with the top lip curling back suddenly to expose sharp fangs set in wide pink gums. If I didn’t know better I’d be convinced his get-up is skillfully sewn of lion skins, so splendid is his costume, from mane to tuft. A cocked fur hat, and on his chest — a bleeding heart, set right in the middle, like a triangular amulet or a medal of honor, to complete the ensemble.

King of Africa in Ethiopia by Sarit ReizinI sat among them (and some cattle) on the hills of the Simien Mountains, and watched these gelada baboons graze as they fingered the earth for roots and seeds. More often than I cared for, they made monkey love. I was most embarrassed photographing this (how could I not?!) in front of local children who stopped to watch the strange faranga excitedly crawl among the animals.

Location: Simien Mountains, Ethiopia
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Born in Ukraine, raised in Israel, and acquiring her higher education in the US, Sarit Reizin is proud to call herself a citizen of the world. However, to stay worthy of the title, she felt a nomadic lifestyle was in order, and in November 2005 left the comforts of the first world with no desire of coming back any time soon. http://HopStopTravel.com