Fashion and art collude collide in Wellington, New Zealand, this September to conjure up in a whimsical, mood-altering dazzling visual exhibition and performance some have best described as “Mardi Gras meets Haute Couture.” – while others see Le Cirque du Soleil on tour with “Alice in Wonderland.” An annual competition and awards show that attracts designers, media, and art aficionados from around the creative globe, the Montana World of Wearable Art (WOW) embodies the avant-garde by taking art off the walls and putting it on living bodies.

In seven “wearable” segments of the performance – that come across more like theatre than a traditional catwalk – dancers and models festooned in wildly imaginative garments made from unusual materials let themselves loose in graceful freestyle to a pulsing music and light show. This year’s WOW features nine performance dates, from September 25 to October 5. Final designs are displayed in a dedicated museum celebrating a selection of these stunning garments.