I am proud to say I have visited over twenty countries in Europe. Explored it’s many cultures and rich foods from Iceland to Spain and Ireland to Poland.

I am not bragging, not even a little. Actually, I point out a humiliating flaw in my travel history. I have never been to Italy! Yes, yes, I know. I was planning to go until I met a girl on a train who convinced me to eat chocolate fondue with her under the Eifel Tower. Oh, to be young and impetuous. I never made it to Italy.

Until now. I am writing from Rome at the Pantheon, watching people crowd around the fountain and pose for thousands of photos while I scribble a few thoughts on a napkin.

For the next two weeks, I will share my experience in Italy and Greece (another embarrassment for having never visited before — what was I thinking!?).

Because I am wildly jet-lagged, here are my top five thought since arriving in Rome.

1. Italians, both woman and men, have innate fashion sense.
2. Walking down the a narrow pedestrian way from Pazza Navona offered a surprising and awing view of the Pantheon.
3.The closer to the Pantheon, the higher the menu prices.
4. An attempt at a few words in Italian is appreciated.
5. Gelato is delicious and everywhere.

More tomorrow.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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