Day three on an Italy adventure started before dawn and a skewed internal time-clock. It continued along a path including classic art and bus rides around the city center.

Here is my next list of five worthy thoughts when considering traveling through Rome.

1. Visitors can ride anywhere throughout Rome on public transportation for €1. This is one of the better bargains in town. Both the Metro and the Bus system are easy to navigate with the Metro only having one line of destinations assuring travelers won’t get lost.

2. Pizzarias abound with the same frequency as gelato stores and make a great stop for a quick bite, if patio dining slows the museum hopping.

3. Fontana di Trevi may have the best shopping and people watching in the city.

4. While some have suggested running through the “Hall of Maps” in Musei Vaticani for getting a good seat for viewing the Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel (truly an amazing artistic accomplishment match by few), I suggest going with a morning group tour. Groups get in several hours early compared to individuals and take time to explore the Hall of Maps, a worthy artistic masterwork in its own right.

5. In Rome, McDonalds is good for public toilets, not for food.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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