7 things to sort at home

Jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime? Or backpacking your way across Australia for a couple of months? Wherever you're going, I'm sure you've spent a huge amount of hours planning your activities, sorting an itinerary and packing then repacking your suitcase more than once. You've got your passports, your visas, travel money, and travel insurance "“ check out this website for information on holiday cancellations – but, have you set some time aside to sort everything at home before you leave?

Believe it or not, there are some pretty important things you need to have completed before you head to the airport. Wondering what they are? Read on for 7 things to sort at home before you hit the road.

Arrange a house sitter

Are you planning on having someone look after your home whilst you’re away? If you’re concerned about intruders or burglaries then it makes perfect sense. But arranging a house sitter isn’t something you can leave until the last minute. So, make sure you have someone in place before you travel. It’s also worth noting that people’s circumstances change, so if you’ve already arranged for a house sitter, double-check a couple of days before that they’re still available.

Arrange kennel/cattery stays

If you have a pet then ensuring that they're well looked after whilst you're away will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also keep them content and happy too. Give yourself plenty of time to find a kennel or cattery that is right for your pet, don’t just rush into it. Shop around if you can. If you have a friend or family member who has offered to take care of your pets while you’re gone, make sure your arrangement still stands.

Clear out that fridge

No one wants to come home to a stench from their fridge. So, the day before you travel remove anything perishable or close to its use-by date. Either put it in your compost, donate it to a food bank or gift it to neighbours, friends or family.

Change your sheets!

Trust me, your future self will thank you for changing the bedsheets and leaving you with some fresh linen to climb into after your long flight home. Keep the bed clear of clutter so you can get straight into bed too.

Confirm everything

Take this time to check everything before you travel. Your flights, your holiday details, your rental car, your accommodation reservations, your activities, the weather (include suitcase additions now) and anything else you have pre-booked. Double-checking these will give you time to iron out any problems before you travel.

Get in touch with your bank

Let your bank know that you're heading abroad and not to cancel your cards unless you ask them to do so. They may mistake card use abroad as fraudulent behaviour and block your cards as a precaution. Keep them in the loop.

Empty your bin

Unless you want to be greeted by the stench of rotting garbage when you return, make sure your bin is completely empty and clean before you leave. Your future self will thank you!

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