Hardcore Sports Eyecare

Extreme Sports EyecareWhen you go traveling you have lots of opportunities to experience new things. Extreme sports eyecare are popular across the world such as sky diving, skiing and water rafting. However, you must take care of your eyes, especially if you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. You need to be aware of potentially dirty water, strong sun and dirt. If you are looking for a sturdy pair of glasses to take away with you then check out this range of black glasses.

Take care of your eyes

When traveling it is a good idea to have both contact lenses and glasses. While doing certain sports you will not be able to wear glasses, such as bungee jumping or skydiving. However, these sports very often have the most beautiful surroundings, therefore you don't want to miss out by not being able to see. If you haven't worn contact lenses before then you should try them before you go away so that you can get used to them. If you need help learning how to wear contact lenses then click here.

Be careful with contact lenses

There are also some sports that you should not wear contact lenses for, including water sports. Contaminated water can get trapped under the lens which can lead to irritation, infections, corneal ulcers, and even vision loss. For sports such as kayaking, you should have a good, sturdy pair of glasses that fit comfortably on your face. If it is sunny then you should consider a pair of prescription sunglasses.

And when underwater

If you are doing underwater sports such as scuba diving, then you may want to invest in some prescription goggles. Goggles are also important for sports like skiing. For skiing, you will need to protect your eyes from the sun. Even though it is cold, the sun reflects off the white snow below you, directly into your eyes. This can be very damaging. Goggles will also protect you from any flying debris.

The Eye’s Have it!

When traveling, it is important to think about your eyes. Especially if you are an adventurous traveler. You may need prescription glasses, sunglasses, goggles, and contact lenses. This might seem like a lot to carry and think about, so here are some things you can do to make it easier…

Think about goggles

Firstly, if you have contact lenses then you may not need to carry goggles as well. You should be able to hire good quality goggles that will protect your eyes before participating in any sports that need them. You will then be able to wear your contact lenses underneath.

Transitional lenses work!

If you don't want to carry both sunglasses and eyeglasses, then consider a pair of transition lenses. Transition lenses will become darker depending on the light. This way one pair of glasses will be suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, they are a great way to protect your eyes as you might not always think to put sunglasses on when you should.

Prepare before you go away and don't miss out on experiencing everything to the full because of your eyewear.

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