It's important to note that I am not an adventurous girl — at all. I just went on my first roller coaster three and a half years ago for no reason other than that I was terrified of it. And I was tired of being terrified. So, to tell you I went ziplining — and loved it — is a big deal.

I was in St. Kitts for a few days staying at the St. Kitts Marriott which I love, by the way. More on that in another entry. And I decided it was important that I continue my year of yes into another year.

I started saying yes to adventures that scare me when I went on that first roller coaster. Since then, I have gone snorkeling, ATVing, and parasailing. You name it. So despite the fact that I turned white every time, I thought about zipping through the forest on a wire. I did it.

I went zipling in St. Kitts with a company called Sky Safaris They have a really cool training run that they call The Monkey Trainer that's only 100 feet long. So once I got up the courage to tackle that, it was, as they say, all downhill from there.

The rest of the lines include The Boss which is 1350 feet long and 250 feet above the rain forest, Mango Tango at 1000 feet long, Brimstone Blast at 900 feet long, and River Rocker at a very short "“ but very fast (45 miles an hour!) 500 feet long.

It was really fun. The gorgeous views. The exhilarating speeds. The incredibly nice staff. But what I enjoyed most of all was conquering my fear. My only question is — what's next?

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