A New Museum At The Interface Of Land And Water

The Zuiderzee Museum, located in the small town of Enkhuizen, the
Netherlands, will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a comprehensive
transformation of its exhibits, artwork, design and overall direction.

Forging forward into the future, the Zuiderzee Museum will be undergoing an
elaborate makeover. The static displays that showcase the bygone days of
the fishing villages will be making way for a new dynamic and public oriented
experience, designed for the masses. This facelift will help to link the museum
to the rich history of the Netherlands and showcase the country’s significant
contributions in art, heritage, culture, and design to the world.

A large number of renowned Dutch and international artists, designers and
guest curators will add flair to the anniversary makeover with special
exhibitions, installations, artwork, and other activities. Featured artists will
include Studio Job, Atelier van Lieshout, Hugo Kaagman, Keso Dekker,
Koninklijke Tichelaar, Dick Hauser, Martin Bril, Gross. Max. and Piet Oudolf.
The combination of historical elements and present-day interpretations and
applications demonstrates just how fertile the new course of the museum
actually is.

This mélange of historical elements and modern interpretations that will be on
display truly demonstrate the museum’s newfound spirit and dedication to
becoming a global cultural center.

This new course will be highlighted in three key areas: Exhibitions, the
Museum Park and the Nature Area.

The exhibitions will bring to light the museum’s themes in an unconventional
and inspiring manner. Two exhibitions on location will promote the mobility of
the objects in the Zuiderzee Museum. An art route through the Museum Park
will combine Dutch cultural heritage with present-day art. Dutch and
international artists will create a modern layout amongst the many buildings in
the Park. Meanwhile, the Nature Area will offer scope for installations and
spatial designs inspired by the natural surroundings of the Zuiderzee Museum.

The new Zuiderzee Museum will be officially opened by Ronald Plasterk, the
Minister of Education, Culture and Science, on June 4th 2008.
The exhibitions entitled Zuiderzee Museum Amsterdam and Breakers function
as ‘amusements’ at the jubilee celebration.