Somewhere in Marrakesh

Morocco travel stories

Marvelous Morocco

Marvelous Morocco The only sound is the padding of the camel's feet on sand. I rode under the stars out to the big red dunes to watch the sunrise near the Algerian border. A sandstorm the night before made it impossible to stay in tents as planned, but the morning was...

Air Travel in Morocco

There are still airlines in this world that care about their passengers. Morocco's national carrier Royal Air Moroc (RAM) is one of them. Here is the story. I was on my way from Marrakesh back to Istanbul via Casablanca where I had to change planes. A few minutes into...

On the Hippie trail in Essaouira

One of the things I like best about Morocco is the amazing variety of sights and landscapes I can enjoy within comparatively short distances. That's why I made Marrakesh my base on my recent visit. One day, I went over the Atlas mountains to the desert town of...

Meandering Morocco, part two

For part one "J'Alla, J'Alla. Madam, give me bag. Very heavy. Not for lady to carry." I watch in embarrassment as he is loaded with tonne after tonne. He just stands there obediently, no sign of resistance, not a complaint, just the odd blink and the occasional neigh....

Meandering Morocco, part one

I hold my breath. It's a battle for survival. Should I dare? I finally decide to take the plunge. I make a dash for it as I dodge crazy motorcyclists and cross the chaotic, traffic-jammed road. I get to the other side and, miraculously, I'm still in one piece. Phew,...

Losing a Layer in Morocco

Country: Morocco Title: Losing a Layer in Morocco Provider: Intrepid Travel Precis: Just saying Casablanca and Marrakech sounds so exotic! Visiting both these cities in Morocco, I was not disappointed, but I did come away a layer lighter... I loved getting lost in the...

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