If sitting on a beach all day tanning and drinking margaritas doesn't always cut it for you (as it doesn't always for me), than I have a side destination you'll like. Sure it may take an hour and a half of unpaved road to find it, but believe me La Gloria Coffee Plantation is a fantastic treat.

La Gloria is actually a home that is surrounded by the middle forest of Huatulco. This charming home separates itself from others of the region because it was built in a European fashion by a German transplant around the turn of the twentieth century. Now the property is run by the original owner's son, Gustavo Scherenberg, an amicable older gentleman that enjoys raising roosters for sport, who oversees the entire property which includes overnight bungalows, a four-year-old butterfly sanctuary built and up-kept by the community, coffee fields and roasting operations. But nothing beats the old world charm of eating a fantastic homemade family style meal cooked in the original kitchen (European fire-burning stove included), while listening to the bubbling creek and wild animals just outside the window.
Gustavo, himself, sat with us as we enjoyed Pollo Amarillo and pork cooked in tamarind for lunch, and offered us some of his own home-made Mezcal (Yowzah!) for sipping. For an after meal treat, as is the custom, we sipped on La Gloria's coffee, which was so tasty I didn't even need my usual 2/3 of milk and sugar. Okay, so I'm not a coffee drinker, but I know it was so good it didn't even need those fillers.

After leaving Gustavo and La Gloria we ventured to the waterfalls. Yes, there are waterfalls too! After a 15-minute hike we came upon the classic "sweet spot". Though I didn't have my suit, once my feet felt the cool refreshing water (not cold), I had to jump in. After along day of tours in the hot humid air, I couldn't resist. My only regret is that I couldn't stay at least one night. Something tells me it would have been a worth it. Plus, I would have gotten another delicious home cooked meal!

For information on this tour you can contact the Secretary of Tourism, Huatulco at huatulco@oaxaca.travel.