The Copán Ruinas, simply put, are not to be missed. I have long been a fan of what the Maya people created and the technological advances they made, without the aid of Black and Decker, are incredible. I spent a full day in awe of the craftsmanship and numerous 25-foot tall steles found all over the grounds. Still, the archaeology and Maya history is not the only draw to this area in Honduras.

chickscopandg800What was also exciting was the unexpected pleasure of visiting the town of Copán Ruinas. It is a quintessential Latin American town with cobble-stoned streets, friendly people, charming architecture, and a few amusements that reflect a culture possessing a good sense of humor. I found it everywhere. The baby chicks, prepped for Easter, were tumbling over each other in front of the local farmer’s market directly across from the city’s plaza.

dogcopandg800Along the pedestrian street (just perpendicular to the farmer’s market), known as “Good Vibe” street, vendors prepare to haggle over folding tables covered in handicrafts and the occasional priceless artifact — the dog was not for sale, but his owner was funny.