Author: Eileen Moran

Sea Life Park, Hawaii

This is the scene: It is a beautiful sunny day. My daughter looks up at me and smiles a big, toothy grin. We are petting a baby sea turtle held by an intern-biologist at Sea Life Park on Oahu. We can hear the crashing waves of...

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Eileen Went Under

I don’t swim underwater. I actually have a phobia of seaweed-no I’m not kidding. I realize that there is no seaweed in your local pool, but any time that I am underwater I imagine being pulled down by long,...

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Two Sites in Beijing with Eileen

I started out at 10AM taking a pleasant taxi ride through the insane traffic of Beijing, which meandered through bicycles, people, cars and buses to the five-story market across from the Beijing Zoo. Unlike a mall, this is five...

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