(Los Angeles, CA, June 23, 2012) "“Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia is delighted to announce the launch of a suite of new Indigenous Guest Activities at Ayers Rock Resort. The activities will be available complimentary to all guests at the resort starting May 2012 and will follow a daily schedule.

Voyages Managing Director Koos Klein believes the new development at Ayers Rock Resort will mean happier and more engaged guests. “We are committed to delivering exceptional guest experiences as well as promoting Indigenous guest engagement at Ayers Rock Resort. We believe that this new comprehensive suite of activities will go a long way to deliver on that commitment,” says Klein.

The activities will take place in an area that is central to all of the hotels at Ayers Rock Resort and include:

  • Children’s Indigenous Art Classes
  • Bush Tucker Yarns: Learning How Locals Live Off The Land
  • Spear and Boomerang Throwing Lessons
  • Daily Performances from the Wakagetti Cultural Dance Troup
  • Interactive Didgeridoo Performances
  • Indigenous Art Markets
  • and Guided Garden Walks.

Guests will receive a daily activity schedule that will allow them to plan their time around other activities and tours around Uluru. The timing of the program has been designed to fit in around the majority of activities that take advantage of sunrise and sunset.



For more information please visit http://www.ayersrockresort.