(New York, NY, June 24, 2012) "“ Africa Adventure Company commemorates the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's ascension at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya with an itinerary celebrating its reopening. Nostalgic guests can revisit the past at the Treetops Hotel, celebrating a historic moment and the memory of a young princess on the verge of fulfilling her destiny. Nestled in a lichen forest on a chestnut tree in Aberdare National Park, this iconic hotel reopened its doors in April 2012, 80 years after it first opened in 1932.

The trip honors an unprecedented historic moment coinciding with the unveiling of the Treetops Hotel's major improvements and the anniversary of a revered, beloved monarch's 60 year reign. Africa Adventure Company offers guests the opportunity to explore the past, reliving Queen Elizabeth's ascension with all the renovated comfort of the Treetops Hotel.

The legendary account of Queen Elizabeth II's visit began on February 5, 1952, the eve of her ascension, when she attended a state dinner at the Treetops Hotel escorted by the Chief Justice of Kenya along with her husband, Prince Philip. She climbed the tree that housed the hotel only to climb down the next morning as Queen upon King George VI's death sometime between February 5 and February 6, 1952. A bittersweet holiday, Queen Elizabeth II will forever hold a place in her heart for the vacation that heralded a dynasty's succession.

As rich in history as it is in natural beauty, the Treetops Hotel is one of many hotels included in the Africa Adventure Company's Royal Kenya Tour. Guests begin the tour at the exclusive Nairobi Safari Club, and then explore Samburu National Reserve from the exotic riverbank of Samburu Lodge. A visit to the Great Rift Valley and stay at Lake Nakuru Lodge provides flamingo, black rhino, and other rare game viewing. The Royal Kenya Tour culminates in a visit to the Maasai Mara National Reserve, home to Kenya's finest wildlife, with rustic accommodations at Keekorok Lodge, where hippos are a constant presence by the pool. Africa Adventure Company presents an extensive trip for historians and wildlife enthusiasts alike with their new Royal Kenya Tour.