So we are still toiling away on the greatest site redesign in the history of the world.

Some of the new highlights will include the following: specific pages for every country in the world, new cruise, and eco-tourism sections, home page videos (Quicktime not needed), book and gear reviews, and lots of user friendly technology that is way over my head to explain.

However, the biggest news may be the new blog page. This is where any traveler can offer her/his two-cents for the world to see on ITKT! We added a few rules just to keep everything uniform on the about us page.

Can I blog for ITKT?

Yes, totally, it's easy.

While ITKT does not pay for blog entries, there are also less rules:

1. Promote travel.
2. Write about what you want, when you want.
3. Spell and grammar check (but no profanity!).

This is a great way to get bylines and your travel thoughts out into the world with a well-established, well-respected online travel magazine. Wow! that was easy.

In the near future, we plan to add lots of new voices, opinions, and thoughts about travel — a very good thing.

While there are only three rules, I want to add a couple other sub-rules to help future bloggers rock. Since we will not be editing, other than a mild cursory spell-check, bloggers should know that what you write is on you. If your grammar is off, it will remain off. If your prose is confusing, it will remain confusing. Your blog will be on you and your responsibility to make it the best it can be.

So here are a few more ideas.
1a. Pick a topic and stick to it.
1b. Keep it short and to the point.
2a. Avoid comments that require fact-checking, opinions are better. If you are unsure what is the capital of Argentina, please don’t write Ecuador. Either look it up and be 100% certain or just leave it out.

Hope these ideas help you get inspired, that you love the new ITKT redesign, and you send in your thoughts to editor(at)
Editor ITKT