Beat Travel Inflation by Booking Early for Next Year's Vacation

Like to plan ahead? With Fresh Tracks Australia savvy travelers can save big on their vacations with next year's trips available at this year's prices. With the dollar fluctuating, and travel costs around the globe rising, it's still possible to secure a 2008 vacation to Australia or New Zealand at 2007 prices. And wouldn't you rather spend that extra money "“ sometimes an increase of 10% a year "“ on a night in a luxurious Outback resort?

"Travel costs are rising and global currencies are fluctuating, and this can mean higher prices for the average traveler," says John Parker, CEO Fresh Tracks Travel. "Rather than limiting the availability of packages offered for next year while new prices are configured, Fresh Tracks wants to encourage people to book ahead "“ and by offering some of next year's packages at this year's rates, we're giving the incentive to do so."

Just how big are the savings?

On applicable classic packages, the savings can be up to USD$1000 a couple. The Australian Cities by Rail is a popular train vacation combining Australia's favourite cities (Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, and Melbourne) with landscapes and activities accessible only by train. Two people could save $600 on next year's trip by booking this package today.

High-end travelers interested in more luxurious packages can save even more by making the savvy decision to book sooner rather than later. The Red Center, Rainforest and Reef is an inclusive resort tour of the most scenic regions of the country from the Coast to the Outback, and couples will save more than USD$1200 without sacrificing comfort or style by booking next year's romantic getaway this year.

Even short city-breaks and add-on packages feature great savings, with special offers on mini-breaks to cities and beyond. A 4-night adventure such as the Outback National Parks Safari costs USD$2543 today, but with typical inflation and currency changes it could rise to nearly $2800 for dates in 2009. By booking with Fresh Tracks sooner rather than later, travelers could save USD$500.

This promotion applies to trips not yet advertised at 2008/2009 prices.

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