Passports: Required by all and must be valid for 6 months beyond date of stay and have blank pages.

Visas: German, Malaysian, Singaporean, British nationals with the right of abode in the UK, and New Zealand nationals are exempted from the requirement to obtain a visa for visits not exceeding 30 days. For nationals of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Maldives, The Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Thailand, visas are waived for 14-day visits. Nationals of Australia with confirmed onward tickets can apply for 72-hour transit visas on arrival at the airport. American passport holders may enter for 3 months without a visa. All other nationals must obtain visas before entering Brunei. These are normally issued for two-week periods.

Documentation: 1 photograph required. All visitors must be in possession of return or onward tickets, and carry sufficient funds for the duration of their stay. Business visitors require a letter of introduction/invitation.

Public holidays: Friday & Sunday; Jan.1; Feb. 23; May 30; July 15; Dec. 25; also Chinese New Year, First Day of Ramadan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri (2 days), Hari Raya Aidiladha, Hijrah, Hari Maulud (Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday), Isra’Meraj. When any holiday falls on a Friday or Sunday, the following Saturday or Monday is taken in lieu.

Postage abroad: Cost varies according to weight and destination. Post boxes are red.
Standard time: GMT+8.
Phone: Inward 673 + seven digits number. Outward 00. Call boxes (various designs) require 10-Cent coins or phonecards.

Import and export restrictions: It is forbidden to import guns, explosives, pornography, and proscribed drugs or live animals. The exports of guns, explosives, gold, live animals or historical artifacts are not permitted.

Health: Yellow Fever vaccination required if arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting infected areas (infants under one year exempt). Free of Malaria and most tropical diseases. Tap water is SAFE to drink, but it is recommended to boil it. Fruit and vegetables should be peeled before consumption, as a precaution.

Climate: Tropical, with little variation in temperature during the year. Rain can fall at any time, but is heaviest October–March.

Currency: 100 Cents = 1 Brunei Dollar (BND).
Airport tax BND 5.00 for destinations in Malaysia and Singapore, BND 12.00 elsewhere.

Principal languages: Malay, English.

Voltage: 220-240v 50Hz AC. Plugs = Square or round 3-pin.

Driving: International Permit required. Drive on the LEFT. Speed limit 64 km/h in urban areas, 86 km/h elsewhere.

Important information: Brunei Tourism, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Jalan Menteri Besar Bandar Seri Begawan BB 3910 phone 673 2382822 fax 673 2382824 email: website:
Brunei International Airport 2331747.
Police officers (light blue top + brown trousers).
BBC: English 3195 6195 9410 9740 11955 15310 & 15360 kHz.

Courtesy of Brunei Tourism

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