Roaming down the narrow European-style streets of Buenos Aires, the only thing my eyes can focus on is the youthful expressive graffiti. Unlike Los Angeles graffiti, which is full of blow ups and burners that dominate the river ways and freeways, Buenos Aires graffiti is in a class all it´s own.

Mostly made of stencils stemming from ALF, the lovable 1980’s alien, or political messages donned by no one other than Che himself, to freehand pieces of bubbly characters and cursive, these makeshift art pieces not only decorate city streets but send a message. Simple six petal flowers promoting peace, Banksi inspired stencils of anti-oil messages (a silouhette of a person being strangled by an oil rig) and male on male kisses can be found on almost every corner in the downtown district of the Micro Center and the hippie hobo area of San Telmo. For an Angelino who sees her streets decorated in names, as beautiful as they are, it is nice to see a different kind of graffiti. Here in Buenos Aires the youth have something to say, and they are not shy about letting the world know.