Recently, I wrote an article about some vague memories of Denmark. I attempted to shake loose the cobblestones in my mind and pulled down a musty, dusty shoebox filled with old photographs in the hopes of certainty.

I sat in the back of the closet and found the photos that captured the streets and images in my mind. I was grateful for having taken the photos. Spending the next hour shuffling through the old memories, there were two words that described my pictures "“ bad photography. I was also shocked by how bad those photographs were: out of focus, poorly lit, covered in lens fuzz.

I realize that my photos could have been so much better if I had only serviced my camera by a professional (this is frequently free and just a few minutes of time), used a day flash to brighten faces in the shade or shoot with the sun behind me, and understood the limitations of my auto-focus by reading the users manual for my camera. I'm glad that times have changed and I have new-found knowledge so my old memories become clear when shuffling through the shoebox and working towards two more words "“ good photography.

Written by Devin Galaudet