New Car Museums and Munich’s 850th Set A Fast Pace for Germany in 08!

For a European city, 850 years is not really very old, but from June 6th until August 3rd this year, Munich will be celebrating its birthday with a summer of great festivals. From its humble beginnings as a monastery, Munich has evolved into a world class, stylish city, home to the arts and to Oktoberfest. The birthday’s motto of “building bridges” aims to connect the founding of the city with today’s lively, colorful and yet tradition-oriented urban culture. The celebrations consist of three major events: the City Foundation Festival, June 14-15; the Old Town Ring Road Festival, July 19-20; and the Isar Bridge Festival, August 1-3.

The BMW museum in Munich is planning to re-open early this summer with an entirely novel concept showcasing the multifaceted history of the BMW brand. Building on the opening of BMW World, the plan envisages a museum of the future that expresses the innovative power and forward-looking approach of the brand. Vehicles, themes, architecture, design and media design will come together to create an unprecedented exhibition composition.

In December, Porsche fans will get a serious rush from the company’s new museum outside of Stuttgart. Not only Porsche sports cars, but also Professor Ferdinand Porsche’s early innovations and constructions will be presented in the sophisticated new building, directly adjacent to the parent plant. Some cars and models will be presented to the public for the first time. Further attractions include a Classic Workshop, an extended catering service, and a conference area. Until the Grand Opening, the “old” Porsche Museum will still be open.

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