At Barbados airport, the fares to the various island destinations are posted on a board outside the arrivals area. I made sure that my taxi driver knew the fare to my destination and whether I would be paying him in US or East Caribbean dollars.

From Melville Hall in Dominica the fare to Roseau, the capital, is US$50 for the 1.5 hour trip. However, there are never many taxis at the airport, so this scarcity might raise the price.

When I arrived at VC Bird airport in Antigua, I headed to the taxi dispatcher, who wrote out a receipt for me so that both myself and the driver knew exactly what fare I would be paying, and in which currency, before I began my journey.  For example, the trip to English Harbour cost US$31.

On St. Kitts, most hotels are only a US$10 ride from the airport. I stayed at Timothy Beach and it took about 15 minutes to get there from the airport. During my stay on St. Kitts I hired a taxi for the afternoon to take me to the Brimstone Hill Fortress and the driver charged me $50 including the two hours he waited for me.

In Curacao, from the airport to Willemstad would have cost between $20 and $40 depending on which taxi driver I spoke to. There’s no real need to buy any local currency either as I paid for everything on the island in US Dollars.

On St Vincent, the journey from the airport to the capital Kingstown takes about 10 minutes and can be done for $10.

On St. Lucia, there are two airports. Caribbean flights arrive at Castries and it cost me US$50 to travel from here to Soufriere. Hewanorra is where the BA flight to Gatwick leaves from and it will cost US$40 to get here from Soufriere. When I arrived at this airport, there were no planes around but don’t worry as the BA flight starts in Trinidad and just picks up people on St. Lucia.


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