Several years ago CNNMoney ran an article reporting half of Americans are surrendering eight or more days of vacation a year. It's very likely that statistic hasn't improved much since then. Between work and the increased cost of travel, I'm not surprised to find out that this many vacation days aren't being used.

If demands at work have made this your predicament, plan a vacation that better fits your job schedule. While everyone loves a blowout vacation – a great trip that's two or three weeks long – the first step is realizing not every vacation needs to be that long. Smaller mini-vacations that are just as rich and satisfying can be slipped in between. These can be as simple as hitting the road for an extended weekend, or as elaborate as using discount airlines to visit another country for a week.

What it all boils down to is this "“ wherever you go or whatever you do, mini-vacations are what you make of them. Make them a great way to get away.

Here are some good resources you can plan with: