Travel tip: Cruise the Atlantic from Denmark to Greenland

At the beginning of June, Albatros Travel is arranging a unique transatlantic cruise lasting 16 days from Copenhagen to Greenland via Bergen (Norway), the Faeroe Islands, Vestmanna Islands, Iceland, Cape Farewell and Kangerlussuaq.

The Danish travel agency uses the fine ocean-going vessel M/S Clipper Adventurer, which is fully equipped for North Atlantic cruises with stabilizers and a hull reinforced for sailing in ice-filled waters.

The voyage begins in Copenhagen, Denmark, and initially sails to Bergen, Norway, where the ship docks for an entire day, and there will be ample opportunity to explore this beautiful town on the Norwegian coast.

From Norway, the Clipper Adventurer heads out into the North Atlantic towards the Faeroe Islands. Here the ship docks in Tórshavn. Travellers can visit the medieval town of Kirkjubøur before departing from the "foggy islands" and setting course for Iceland, where the cruise ship remains in port for two full days.

Clipper Adventurer

Travellers have the opportunity of going ashore on the famous volcanic islands of Vestmanna, with sufficient time to go exploring on their own. The stay in Iceland offers a visit to Reykjavík, and the chance to go on the famous "Golden Circle Tour".

This famous tour includes many spectacular sights including hot springs with geysers, the most notable being Gullfoss. The cruise then hauls up anchor again and sails along the coast of Iceland before crossing the Denmark Strait to reach Greenland.

Whales, seabirds and packs of dolphins are frequently observed during this leg of the voyage. Soon after crossing the Strait, the northern pack ice becomes visible and the captain will guide the vessel along the edge of the ice, affording a fantastic view of this phenomenon and the magnificent ice landscape.

If the sun breaks through the clouds, the magnificent vista of the enormous Arctic Ocean is illuminated in a spectacular fashion. The breathtaking views from the boat continue as the cruise rounds Cape Farewell.

On this journey, the Clipper Adventurer visits Greenland in the period between spring and summer. The sun shines throughout the night and the pack ice may still be present close to the southwest coast of Greenland. The position of the ice will determine the actual navigation route taken.

The cruise ship will make an attempt to reach Arsuk Fjord and its famous cryolite mine close to Ivittuut. After docking at Nuuk and getting a feel for one of the world’s smallest capitals, the travellers onboard then make the beautiful voyage deep into Evighedsfjorden ("The Fjord of Eternity") to observe the dramatic glaciers.

The final destination is Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland. After this unforgettable cruise, all the travellers will fly back to Copenhagen with Air Greenland. Read more here.