I am headed to Miami with my junior traveler in tow to take a spin on Norwegian Cruise Line's brand new ship, the Epic. It is a ship of massive proportions with a rock wall, water slide, "ice" rink, two bowling alleys, a variety of restaurants and theaters, as well as cabins ranging from hip studios to private villas. I'm excited to check it out for myself. Although, I admit, I'm nervous to be with so many people and am curious to see how the ship handles the crowd of people it was designed to hold.

Tomorrow night, we will fly to Miami to spend the night at the Epic Hotel, a Kimpton property (no relation, just a cool coincidence). I've flown in the day of a cruise before and it can be downright nerve wracking. So I'm looking forward to seeing if this plan removes some of the stress from the equation. Plus, I cannot wait to check out the Epic hotel, which I hear is waterfront, Miami chic at it's best.

I hope you'll follow me on the this week long trip as I report daily with photos from our Eastern Caribbean adventure to St. Martin, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas.

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