Please note that the common Caribbean electrical current is 110V AC, the same as what we use here in the United States. However, the electricity in the Bahamas is often up-and-down and not exactly “clean” current. Most power in the Caribbean comes from coal, and it does tend to surge up and down (you can often watch the lights dim and brighten). Plugs are identical to the two-pin type in North America. Appliances with three-pin plugs area also the same.

The power not only varies in quality, but nearly any storm or rain shower will short out something and the power will go off. Those that use laptops in particular will notice their power bricks getting hot to the touch"‚ÄĚthis is the electronics inside trying to bleed off an excess of energy. Yes, this can be dangerous; our recomendation is to use a surge protector at all times with any electronic appliance, and unplug anything you are not using, especially during storms.

That being said, I have never lost any equipment to a power surge, but apparently it is common.

Written by Jesse Siglow