Zlatibor Lake

Zlatibor Lake, Serbia ©2020 Viktorija Mitevska

A lot of people have heard but not many of them have been to the Republic of Serbia, a country in the central Balkans, and part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the past.

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade, which over the years has grown into a modern, urban and cultural metropolis. I am happy to share with you some of my impressions of the charming and unique places in Serbia.

Belgrade, Serbia

The place that most amazed me in Belgrade is the monument of Culture – Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan, which is a huge park with amazing views on the rivers the Sava and the Danube. Tourists can visit these places for free.

Another place that I recommend to see is the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade, which is the largest Serbian Orthodox Church.

One of the most crowded streets in Belgrade is The Knez Mihailova Street that is the main pedestrian and shopping zone in Belgrade. On this street, you can see crowds of tourists but also locals throughout the day.

You can’t feel the Serbian but also Balkans temperament unless you visit the vintage street Skadarlija. This is one of the most visited attractions in Belgrade, with a lot of restaurants, a great atmosphere, and live music and it represents a mix of urban and traditional elements. Here you can eat delicious foods (especially grill), try traditional drinks and enjoy the music. Apart from Skadarlija in Belgrade, almost all of Serbia and the Balkans are known for excellent meat preparation, but a particularly good grill can be found in the cities of Leskovac and Ni.

Novi Sad, Serbia

Another modern and urban city in Serbia is the city of Novi Sad, located in northern Serbia. The Petrovaradin Fortress, the Liberty Square, the Name of Mary Church, and the Bishop’s Palace are one of the most beautiful monuments in the city of Novi Sad. I particularly recommend you to visit this city in July. This is the month of the year when the city is full of young people and tourists all over the world during the EXIT summer music festival, which is held every year in Novi Sad for four days.

So, if you haven’t visited this country yet, I highly recommend you book it on your travel list and get the chance to explore the unique places and culture in Serbia!

When you go:

For fans of winter sports, I recommend the Tornik ski resort in Zlatibor. This city is a popular touristic place, located in western Serbia, where I especially enjoy the beautiful view of the amazing Zlatibor Lake. Another attraction here is the large Dino Park, where the whole family can have fun.

The climate in Serbia is mainly warm-humid continental and the weather is pleasant.
To get from one place to another in Serbia you can use a bus and car, given that the subway has not yet been built. In Belgrade, you can also use the tram.

There are great places to eat and drink, in the center, on a Knez Mihailova Street and a little further from the center, as well as numerous normal and elite restaurants. Generally, the prices are affordable and there is traditional and international cuisine.

I felt completely safe in Serbia without any problems and communication should not be a problem for tourists, having in mind that is easy to find local who is speaking English.

Written by: Viktorija Mitevska

 Viktorija Mitevska pic Viktorija lives in Macedonia. She works in a financial institution, but also as a freelancer, blogger and columnist for the web site Fakulteti.Mk. Her writing is not limited to a certain form, writing both poetry and prose. She’s been published by the websites In The Know Traveler, Fakulteti.mk, Makedonika.Mk, NUHA Foundation, also The European Fund for the Balkans, Mladiinfo, and many others. During her working process and professional programs she’s written various professional papers, essays, and articles. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and learning about new places.

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