ey.jpgWith a trip to Italy and Greece coming up and $14.95 burning a hole in my pocket, I recently checked out a new book called, “Express Yourself” by Michael Powell. My immediate reaction was that this was right up my alley. The book presents 45 countries from a cultural perspective: customs, conversation starters, history, humor.

Each of the 45 country chapters has concise nuggets with about three pages per country and it gets right to the point of what travelers needs to know. As I have already traveled to many of the destinations, I can also attest to the authors accuracy. For the money, a nice book to have sitting on the shelf and I expect that I will pull it down every time I want to get ready for a trip.

More importantly, the book promotes the acceptance of international customs and cultures, which in the know travelers know is key to really experiencing any country.

If there is a downside, this book seems more suited to helping the less experienced traveler with many of the destinations being on the short-list of most traveled destinations in each continent: Egypt, Italy,France, Japan, and Australia. Still “Express Yourself” will get future travelers traveling.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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