Abercrombie & Kent opens up new territory with Extreme Adventures — once-in-a-lifetime expeditions for today’s high achievers

Every successful person has an insatiable thirst for challenge. Much
more than just a motivation, it’s who they are. They satisfy that thirst
in boardrooms and at negotiating tables, in backcountry ski bowls, on
fairways and in personal goals. The more adventurous even take it a step
further, spending their free time challenging themselves by taking it up
a notch in the grand and awe-filled theater of nature. On their behalf,
the legendary travel company Abercrombie & Kent has created an entirely
new portfolio of 15 Extreme Adventures.

Forget your preconceptions of “adventure travel.” These expeditions blow
the lid off the box by combining the most spectacular regions, the
finest wilderness guides and A&K’s trademark mix of privileged access,
air-tight organization and outstanding service. The result is nothing
short of extraordinary: a collection of expeditions in the true
Amundsen, Hillary, Shackleton and Burton sense of the word, all
guaranteed to take you to the outer boundary of experience and, in the
process, to the edge of yourself.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves – Edmund Hillary

Shut your eyes just for a moment and imagine the taiga forest in
Northern Norway, the silence broken only by the scrape of the runners as
you lean your sled into the turns, guiding your team of five dogs as
they bound and bark their way through a world still with snow. Feel your
heart race as you click your harness closed and settle back in the
cockpit of a fighter jet, bracing for the G-forces from a vertical climb
to 60,000 feet. Imagine standing on a glacier hundreds of miles from the
nearest road, surrounded by a colony of 15,000 Emperor penguins.
Consider the look on your son’s face as you turn the safari clock back a
hundred years, walking along, and floating down, Tanzania’s wild Rufigi

“How many things have you done that you know, with absolute certainty,
you will remember for the rest of your life? In the end, that’s what
these experiences are all about,” says Peter Boese, vice president of
Extreme Adventures, “providing the kind of memories that change the way
you think about the world.”

“We each interpret ‘challenge’ in different ways,” Boese continues.
“Test your mettle against the implacable forces of nature in the
mountains or the desert, harness the raw power of thoroughbred machines
and open the door to the most awe-inspiring places on Earth.”

The first of these extraordinary new adventures will begin in the fall
2008, starting with an Extreme Safari on foot in the Selous, Africa’s
largest protected wilderness and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Challenge
yourself with Mountain Trekking to Everest Base Camp or climbing Mount
Kilimanjaro. Follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia on Desert
Expeditions in Egypt and Jordan. Satisfy your need for speed in South
Africa with Man & Machine Extreme. Meet nature at its most challenging
by Conquering the Final Degree and skiing to the South Pole.

Abercrombie & Kent guides are experienced, educated and supremely
qualified. Their first priority is your safety. They have mastered the
necessary bush and survival skills, and know how to keep you motivated
in tough conditions to bring out your best.

With Extreme Adventures, Abercrombie & Kent comes full circle. Its
pioneering tented safaris were born from an insatiable desire to
experience the world in ways that few dare, to consistently deliver
journeys that defy all expectations. When you find yourself at the ends
of the earth, you want exceptional experience, knowledge, skills,
support and reputation at your back.