Belize City, Belize, July 21, 2011 "” For years, culinary travel has been a growing trend and now, with the launch of Belize’s new culinary campaign, Savor Belize, foodies can not only explore unique cuisine offered throughout this destination, but they can learn what makes the fare so different from other Central American and Caribbean countries. In fact, Belize offers numerous food-focused tours and festivals that offer travelers a peek into the production of the country’s diverse culinary treats. Following are highlights of popular tours that are offered year-round and help to complete a culinary exploration of Belize:

Marie Sharp’s Factory
The Marie Sharp’s Tour is a fantastic way to experience one of Belize’s most popular condiments, which are quickly becoming known across the world for authentic, all-natural pepper sauces. A tour of the factory begins in the fresh air among lush habanero plants outside the production facility in Dangriga. Continued inside the plant, the tour offers visitors an up close and personal view of the creation of the famous habanero sauces, as well as Marie’s jams, jellies, juices and cassava chips. Marie Sharp’s Tour saves the best for last "“ the taste testing, of course! Each visitor is served crackers to sample various hot sauces, jellies and jams. Select your favorite and then pick up a bottle at the gift shop. Swing by for a tour, or call ahead if bringing a large group. To learn more about Marie Sharp’s full line of products, visit

Belikin Brewery
Experience the creation of Belize’s official beer, Belikin, which is offered in four distinct varieties: Stout, Premium, Lighthouse Lager and the original Belikin. This free tour offers an exclusive look inside the brewing process at the Belize Brewing Company in Belize City. From the malt to the hops, this guided tour will offer a unique look at the brewing process of Belikin beer. After the tour, enjoy a complimentary, ice-cold brew at the Belikin Brewery’s pub. To learn more about all of Belikin’s brews, visit

Cyrila's Chocolate

Family-owned and run, Cyrila's Chocolate provides a tour in San Felipe Village that provides visitors the unique opportunity to experience the traditional and authentic Mayan chocolate making process.  From a tour of the family's organic cacao farm to lessons on how to shell cacao beans and grind them into a smooth paste, visitors actively participate in every stage of the chocolate production process in a beautiful, open-air thatched roof environment. Plus, visitors receive the ultimate reward for their hard work "“ a sampling the finished product! For more information about Cyrila's Chocolate, visit  

Traveller's Liquors
Sample the flavors, share the secrets and live the tradition of Traveller's Liquors at the Heritage Center museum in Belize City. This tour offers a unique look at the bottling process, Belizean aging process and rich history of rum making in Belize. The Traveller's tour also shares an exceptional history of Jamie Omario Permodo and his family, who created the award-winning Traveller's rum almost 60 years ago. What better way to end the visit than sampling this unique rum and purchasing a vintage edition rum, available only at the Heritage Center. For more information, visit 


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