This last week, I had realized how many ITKT reader’s had specific requests about how to write for ITKT. While our submission guidelines covers many questions, there are always more questions that fall outside of the scope of what is covered. Because my personal blog talks about travel and travel writing in all of it’s nuances, I thought I would try offering a weekly round up of some of the stories found on Travel. Write. Live..

Not all stories revolve around travel writing, but many do. The rest will hopefully be interesting or helpful in some other way.

The Essential Travel Writers List of Important Terms and Pearls of Travel Writing Wisdom: A list of the most used travel writing terms. This is a great list for understanding the lingo of travel writing. Feel free to add ones I missed in the comments section.

Five Tips to Better Travel Video Production: I was recently asked about film editing. As a former film editor (I quit because the hours are simply too long) there are a few tips that will improve your home produced videos, regardless whether your video is intended for YouTube, your personal site, or just for fun.

Free Stuff: The Travel Book
: Maybe my favorite giveaway ever. Lonely planet somehow improved upon their already spectacular The Travel Book with a completely new version. This hardcover edition retails for $50 and is worth every penny and is filled with great photography and information about every destination on Earth. For ITKT and TWL subscribers (the same newsletter) there is a chance this book can be yours for free.

And until next time, keep traveling and writing.

The Editor Devin 500