As travelers, we should all think about the impact differing modes of transportation have on our environment. We all know that burning fossil fuels, be it jet fuel, diesel, or gasoline, releases carbon dioxide into the air, but here are some facts about just how much CO2 is released for every 1000 miles of travel:

Car – 1200 lbs
Bus – 900 lbs
Plane – 640 lbs
Train – 460 lbs


You can reduce your own 'carbon footprint' through the purchase of dioxide equivalent (CO2E) credits. These credits fund programs that offset emissions to achieve a balance or 'carbon neutrality'. They can easily be purchased online from companies supporting the Environmental Defense organization’s 'Fight Global Warming' campaign, and as little as $4 will offset a ton of CO2 emissions. This means a coast-to-coast round trip flight of 5,000 miles equals just $12.80 to offset, which is a small price to pay for the future of our planet.

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Environmental Defense Fight Global Warming


Steve Smith & Christine Johnson

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