Greenland wilderness

If package tours are not for you and you want to plan your own trip day by day, a good place to start is on Air Greenland, or Air Iceland. All that clicking to and from websites, searching for dates and prices, can sometimes make you lose sight of the overall itinerary, which is why we have tried to make life easier by using the old-fashioned method.

The PDF tables below give you a complete overview of the flight departures from Denmark and Iceland to Greenland in 2011, flying with Air Greenland and Air Iceland.

Understanding the Tables
In Air Greenland's table, the number one represents Monday in the “Days of Service”, number two is Tuesday and so forth. A number value of between one and seven, therefore, means there is a flight on that day, while a dash means there are no flights on that day.

The three letters in the top left corner of the Air Iceland table under "Route" refer to the airport. For example, RKV refers to Reyjavik, JAV to Ilulissat/Jakobshavn, GOH to Nuuk/GodthÃ¥b, etc.

Please note that all flights to Greenland with Air Iceland depart from Reykjavik Airport (RKV), while Air Greenland's route crosses between Nuuk and Keflavik (KEF) and vice versa.