The Sugarcubes Reunite in Iceland!
Icelandair offers a special package for all Sugarcubes fans: Come see Björk with the original members of the band that launched her international career! The legendary Sugarcubes will reunite in Reykjavik for a once-in-a-lifetime performance Nov. 17. The concert celebrates the 20th anniversary of the famed Icelandic record label and takes place at the new, high-tech Laugardalsholl Arena.

Say Thanks in Iceland
Going out for dinner on Thanksgiving? Well, think about having your Thanksgiving dinner out in Iceland. It's only five hours from America. You can have a sumptuous buffet with turkey and local trimmings, and count your blessings while relaxing in a silica mud bath or massaged by an energizing waterfall at the famous Blue Lagoon spa outside Reykjavik.

All About Eve
Join other Eve On-Line fans from around the world… on top of the world! The Eve Fanfest is coming to Iceland Nov. 9-11. For the uninitiated: EVE is a massive multiplayer online game set in a science-fiction based persistent world. This year the fest is held at the cutting-edge conference center in a four-star comfort zone of the Nordica Hotel. Have fun and take advantage of the great nightlife and nature in Europe’s northernmost capital city. Details: Icelandair