London, 21 March 2006 * It is official: hotels in Germany offer excellent value for money. The World Travel and Tourism Council’s Competitiveness Monitor 2004 compares the average hotel prices in countries worldwide, and the rates of German hotels rank well below those of other European countries.

The average hotel room in Germany costs USD 83.14 per night, which puts Germany towards the bottom of the list of European countries.
Top of the league is Sweden with an average price of USD 136.33, followed by Italy (USD 123.08) and Greece (USD 118.72). A room in the UK will set you back USD 105.53 on average.

Udo Grebe, Director UK & Ireland of the German National Tourist Office: “Germany offers great value for money in all areas, but especially with regards to accommodation and meals. I am delighted to see that the World Travel and Tourism Council’s research confirms this.”

Source for the above published information is the Competitiveness Monitor 2004, published by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

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