NEW YORK, NY "“ May 24, 2007 "“ China National Tourist Office (CNTO) and Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) today announced the launch of a new joint online campaign, “Visit China and Japan,” to promote vacation packages combining both China and Japan. The campaign centers on a web site,, that will be promoted online via Google, Yahoo and other web sites.

“We are very pleased to pursue this additional avenue to promote travel to China,” said Mr. Shan Zhong Zhu, Director, China National Tourist Office. “China itself offers an immense number of attractions and unforgettable experiences for North American travelers. Now, packaged with Japan, we provide consumers with more reasons to visit China.”

“Together, Japan and China represent the two most popular destinations in Asia,” said Mr. Zenbon Tei, Director, Japan National Tourist Organization. “By working in cooperation with both CNTO and participating suppliers, we are providing travel consumers with several outstanding choices to truly immerse themselves in the best that Asia has to offer.”

Participating tour operators feature Asia Classic Tours, Champion Holidays, China Travel Services, General Tours, Monograms, Pacific Delight Tours, Pacific Holidays, and United Vacations. The Visit China and Japan campaign is developed and managed by Partner Concepts LLC, a travel marketing firm based in suburban Washington, D.C.

About China National Tourist Office, United States
The China National Tourist Office (CNTO), United States, is an overseas office of the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), whose headquarters is in Beijing. CNTA has 15 overseas tourist offices around the world including three in North America: New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. CNTA is the governmental tourism organization directly regulated by the State Council, whose responsibility is to promote and administer China’s tourism industry. For more information on China, visit the China National Tourist Office web site at

About Japan National Tourist Organization
Established in 1964, the purpose of the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) is to further international exchange through tourism and to encourage international travel to Japan and support Japanese travel suppliers. For more information on Japan, visit the Japan National Tourist Organization’s website at

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