On my way back to Miami from Turkey, I had an overnight stop in London Heathrow Airport and needed a place to lay my tired head. From past experience I knew, that hotels close to the airport are quite expensive and those less expensive are miles away and can only be reached by taxi which cuts another hole in the traveler’s budget.

yotelipq500bTherefore I was pleased to discover online a new type of resting place, inside Terminal 4 at Heathrow and another one inside South Terminal at Gatwick. It’s called “Yotel” and it’s a Japanese style hotel, the rooms of which are actually called “pods” and for good reason. The whole thing is no more than seven square meters and not for people suffering from claustrophobia. Otherwise, the pods are extremely comfortable and very clean, the sheets are soft and, amazingly, there is even room for what they call a “rejuvenating monsoon rain shower.” It was rejuvenating all right and surprisingly didn’t even flood the whole pod.

There are several types of pods to choose from and my single one cost GBP58, which is not bad at all. You must however book early, they are much in demand. You can do so on line, by going to Yotel. It’s definitely a good alternative to spending the night on a bench in the terminal waking up with a kink in your neck.