There is more than one style of Carnival performers competing for the best group title here in Montevideo, Uruguay.  We have the murga groups who sing and dance (a little, and a little strangely) about current issues…many times focused on political themes.  The humoristas who are the funny guys (and occassional girls) not as focused on singing.

Then we have the Parodistas.  Yes, there are a few other styles of Carnival performers, but for now let’s stick with the Parodistas.  Last night I went to a show with two murga groups performing, followed by a humorista group, and then ending with a parodista act.  My immediate and elongated reaction to the whole show was along the lines of, “Wow, I thought I knew Spanish better than this.”  But that is not the point right now.

Parodistas are undeniably and unabashedly Uruguay’s version of the 21st century Backstreet Boys.  It was troubling, interesting, painful, intriguing, humorous, impressive and more all rolled into one.

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