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Sun Protection Woes

I don't know if the rest of the world feels the way I do about applying sunscreen. I find it messy and time consuming, but necessary in the fight against skin cancer and a leathery appearance. Factor in the traveling element and I am even less enthusiastic. Do I really have to bring an extra bottle with me to reapply when I have so many other things to carry? And what about those spots I will inevitably miss? Not to mention that the last thing you want to do in a warm climate is apply a greasy sunscreen. My list of cons goes on and on.

Easier , More Effective Sun Protection

Then I found the answer. The company is called UV Skinz and what their selling is the solution to my laziness. Imagine apparel and accessories for the whole family that provides a UVP (Ultra Violet Protection) rating of 50+. Now, instead of slathering on my SPF, I can just put on my UV Skinz Lindsay Long Sleeved Tee and go hiking, exploring, and swimming to my heart's content. The material is even chlorine resistant and, after a trip to the beach with this shirt, I found that it dried fairly quickly. The best part was that I didn't need to reapply because I had all day protection. I am no longer a slave to the bottle!

This tee shirt is breathable, lightweight, and insanely comfortable. I especially like the fact that it is cut with a wide range of motion in the arms. It's also a perfect alternative for people whose skin is too sensitive to wear a chemical SPF. UV Skinz offers a wide range of products, including those for adults, baby, kids, UV shelters and, of course, sunscreen in the form of a lotion.

Aside from being convenient and functional, UV Skinz is also fashionable. I found the structure of the tee to be very flattering and is available in a nice selection of colors. As someone who is admittedly vain, this is active wear that feel confident in.

Of course, prices vary per item, but these products are not overly expensive in my opinion. My Lindsay Long Sleeved Tee runs for $38.95 on the UV Skins website, www.uvskinz.com, which is no more than what I would pay for a shirt that did not give me the same sun protection.

My Review: A Better Way to Play in the Sun

As someone who has worked in the Skincare Industry for 8 years, I have seen the negative effects of the sun on many of my clients. The importance of SPF is a subject that I end up speaking about the most. Fortunately UV Skinz has provided an easier, more effective way to wear it on the body. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a travel-friendly, versatile, and convenient alternative to sunscreen lotion.

Happy Travels!
Audrey Ngo

For more information about how UV Skinz can protect you from the sun on your travels, visit their website at www.uvskinz.com.