Luckily, excitement did finally get the best of her and, once she dried off, we quickly made our way to Nickelodeon's Slime Time Live. We had front row center seats, thanks to getting to the theater a half hour before show time and we were glad we did. The show was a blast. But I could tell my junior traveler was green with envy when she watched the red team get green with slime when they won the game. I had no idea how one got picked to be the on-stage team. But I knew I needed to find out.

After the show headed to the Garden Café for some lunch. The two of us have become quite attached to the made-to-order pasta already and sat down to big plates of noodles and sauce before heading off to our next activity.

We decided to check out the Nickelodeon afternoon arts and crafts and we were glad we did. We had a really good time coloring in our very own Sponge Bob Square Pants bandanas that we ours to keep as souvenirs. Even this big kid got a kick out of it and since the kiddo is a huge Nick fan, it was a must do. The best part was that the whole Nickelodeon gang was there and we were able to find out how one gets picked for Slime Time Live.

Turns out, all you have to do is meet the host and then he decides who's in. I guess he liked us or our bandana coloring because he said we were in as long as my kiddo's new friend could convince her dad to join us as two adults and two kids are required. Luckily, when we met up with him later he said he would be thrilled to do it. Now all we had to do was win the game show and Slime glory was ours. The things we do for our kids!

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