My Azerbaijan Video

Azerbaijan video

Surprising Azerbaijan

My travel surprise for the year is unquestionably Azerbaijan. Sure it was a headache to get a visa and more expensive having gone through the consulate’s office in Los Angeles by $140 per person, but it was money well spent, although I would urge travelers to go through Azerbaijan Embassy in Washington D.C.

In this Azerbaijan video, I culled together a handful of my favorite photos and put them together with some live music I recorded in a small cafe somewhere along the road from Sheki to Baku. While the restaurant’s name doesn’t come to mind It is an area filled with a certain old-world charm that I love. The food was authentic, the bathrooms messy and then this guy came in to serenade our group

Azerbaijan with Flotours

For the record, I was on a trip through Flotours. It is the same company I have traveled with through Turkey and was happy, so when I heard about a trip featuring Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia I jumped at the the opportunity. A group tour is not for everyone but it beats having to track down all of the local attractions on my own without benefit of speaking the language.

The Old World Azerbaijan video

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